Turtle Bread is the Cutest Thing I’ve Eaten

When I went to the convenience store yesterday, I didn’t intend to buy anything, but this variation on melon-pan, which is sweetened bread shaped like a melon, just begged to be purchased.

I got it outside of the station at a Yomiuri convenience store. I think it probably cost about 120 yen (about 1 USD).

Turtle Bread

Turtle Bread
Delicious, delicious turtle bread

This is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever eaten. That’s saying a lot, since I eat a great deal of cute food items. In addition, I haven’t seen bread shaped like this since then, at the Yomiuri convenience store or elsewhere. I suppose this is a once in a lifetime type of experience. Not to be dramatic.

By the way, in Japanese, kame is turtle and pan is bread. Thus, this bread is called kame pan.

While a type of turtle is sometimes eaten in Japan, this turtle bread did not consist of turtle. And, although I’ve never eaten turtle, I feel confident in saying that this bread did not taste like turtle.

I dream of the day I meet another turtle bread.

Originally posted on my old blog on April 18, 2011.

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