The Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail Recipe by BAR Nekomataya

I owe my friend two times over.

First, for introducing me to the wonderful BAR Nekomataya, about an hour or so from Tokyo in Tochigi Prefecture. I’m not exaggerating when I say that the bartender the best cocktail I’ve ever had. He went by only my vague iteration of my favorite kinds of drinks: “sweet and milk based”.

Second, I owe my friend for taking this picture of the Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail I ordered.

Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail
The Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail

The official Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail was actually created by the master bartender of BAR Nekomataya. Now it can be found in bars and restaurants all over Japan.

Blue Tokyo Sky Tree
The Tokyo Sky Tree, blue lights version

I was curious how the Sky Tree Cocktail was made. Thus, I took to the internet to search for the bartender’s blog.

He posted the Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail recipe on his blog. I’d like to share it here in English, along with the directions to BAR Nekomataya.

Official Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail (sophisticated blue version) Recipe

BAR Nekomataya’s Master’s Blog (in Japanese)


  • Bols Natural Yoghurt Liqueur    20 ml
  • Bols Blue                                               10 ml
  • Tonic water                                             120 ml


Place ice and a (blue) illumination cube into the glass. Pour in and mix the ingredients.

There is a big difference in taste if you substitute Bols for another liqueur, so please use Bols.

Directions to BAR Nekomataya

Address: Japan, 326-0803, Tochigi Prefecture, Ashikaga City, Ietomi-cho 2222-2

Hours: Monday – Friday 19:00-26:00; Saturday 19:00-27:00; Sunday and every third Monday of the month, closed

Telephone: 0284-43-2678

Website: Tabelog Food Review Website (in Japanese; includes maps, pictures, etc.)

About 900 meters from Ashikaga Station (NOT Ashikaga-shi Station).

Best way to go is by cab from Ashikaga Station. Taxi fare is about 1000 yen. If you say you want to go to BAR Nekomataya and show the address, most taxi drivers should be able to take you there easily.

Will you try making this drink? Have you had the Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail?

2 thoughts on “The Tokyo Sky Tree Cocktail Recipe by BAR Nekomataya

  1. NARISE (previously MIO) says:

    Very pretty cocktail! I think it has yet to appear in bars up North, unless I simply haven’t come across it yet. I am also a fan of sweet and milky cocktails, and I loved the fact that they have so many varieties here in Japan! I love matcha milk ones~ Will have to try this Sky Tree cocktail out myself at home in the mean time!

    1. L. says:

      I feel lucky that I was introduced to this bar. The bartender has a lot of character and seriously knows his alcohol.
      I actually haven’t seen the drink in other restaurants, but, then again, I haven’t been to many bars. Apparently the Nekomataya bartender made the official Sky Tree cocktail on behalf of the Asahi beer company, which I think owns or distributes (?) Bols. Can’t remember ^^;;

      Sweet and milky cocktails are the best! I’d never had a Kahlua milk or Amaretto Milk before coming to Japan, and now I’m hooked. Right now much be “matcha season” — there have been so many matcha products out in the past few months. Or maybe I just didn’t notice them before? In any case, matcha milk (matcha anything!) is delicious.


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