Rotisserie Chicken ALZE Take-Out Report

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Earlier this month, I was asked to participate as a monitor and sample food from ALZE for free. As part of this offer, I was also able to try some ALZE take-out a little later in the month. Here’s my report on take-out from ALZE. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page for an exclusive offer from ALZE for Wander Tokyo readers!

ALZE Take-out Report

The sun was shining when I stepped out of my door, but by the time I arrived in Roppongi, rain was pouring down. The take-out order from ALZE was scheduled for 1pm, so I had a bit of time to kill. Luckily, Roppongi has a lot of indoor activities; I wandered around inside Tokyo Midtown, a shopping center in Roppongi, which is super close to ALZE. After a cup of hazelnut cream coffee at McDonald’s, I scurried over ALZE, while trying to dodge raindrops.

The menu hadn’t been decided beforehand, so I got to choose what to try once I got to ALZE. Last time, my dinner partner and I had a whole rotisserie chicken and a ton of assorted samples, so this time, I decided to try something I’d normally order when doing take-out.

ALZE front entrance
Rotisserie Chicken ALZE restaurant front

The whole chicken was good last time, so this time, I went for the half chicken with roast potatoes. For a side dish, I ordered chicken over rice with yogurt sauce. We enjoyed the chicken over rice with mixed yogurt and Southern country sauce when we went for eat-in, but the yogurt sauce was was impressed me most. For a drink, I went with orange juice, because why not?

The order took less than ten minute to prepare, but I still had a bit of time to chat with the waiters and have a glass of water. Once my bag was ready, I steeled myself for the rain and headed outside. While I was taking a photo, one of the waiters came out and handed me an umbrella.

“Don’t worry. It’s not mine; it’s just one that the shop keeps around.”

Holding umbrella and take-out bag
Walking down the stairs in Roppongi Station with my ALZE umbrella and chicken rice peaking out

My walk back to the train station was much more pleasant (and dry) than the walk from the train station. Once I got inside the train, I noticed that the aroma coming from the take-out bag was quite strong; I was torn between wanting to eat the food on the train and wanting to apologize to other passengers for crowding their airspace.

The food was still fairly warm when I got home, but we microwaved it for a few seconds just to get it steaming again. After said microwaving was finished, my boyfriend and I sat down for a chicken lunch.

Boxed chicken and rice
Still in the boxes (but not for long)

We attacked the chicken rice first and left the half chicken for the main course. The TV linner (lunch + dinner) program for that evening was “Darwin Ga Kita” (Means something like “Darwin’s Here!”), which is a nature program that may or may not be aimed at kids. The baby cranes learning to fly made me tear up.

Chicken over rice with yogurt sauce (one of my favorite dishes from ALZE)
Chicken over rice with yogurt sauce (one of my favorite dishes from ALZE)

Getting back to the ALZE take-out, after the meal, my boyfriend declared that he wants to go back again as normal non-blogging people to have more of their chicken (it was the herbs that did it for him). I think I’d probably get the chicken rice with yogurt sauce. Oh, and of course, I’d take back the umbrella.

Take-out chicken
Half chicken with roast potatoes from ALZE (yay orange juice and turtle cup)

If you’re thinking about doing take-out from ALZE, I think half-size chicken plus one of the meal dishes as a side is a good amount of food for two.

Have you been to ALZE?

ALZE Details

Shop name: Rotisserie Chicken ALZE

Hours: 11:00-24:00, all year round

Address: 106-0031 Tokyo, Minato, Nishiazabu, 3−2−13, Court Annex Roppongi 1st Floor (Next to Grand Hyatt Tokyo)

Map: Google map to ALZE

Telephone: 03-6432-9185

Website: ALZE Official Website

Facebook: ALZE Official Facebook


Eat-in (walk-in and reservation), delivery and take-out are available at ALZE.

ALZE has an English and Japanese menu. Some of the staff speak English, so you may be able to make a reservation or order take-out over phone (although reservations aren’t required).

If you plan to do a take-out order for more than two whole chickens or more, be sure to order at least an hour in advance to allow for cooking. While walk-in take-out is available, it is best to call in an order beforehand even if you aren’t ordering more than two chickens.

ALZE Promotional Offer (Exclusively for readers of WanderTokyo!)

As a promotion coupon, if you let the staff at ALZE know that you saw this article on WanderTokyo, you can receive one of the following for FREE:

  • Glass of wine
  • Glass of beer
  • Glass of any other alcoholic drink
  • Soft drink

This offer is available until July 31st, 2015.

Have you visited ALZE? Let us know in the comments!

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