Reviews of Japanese Credit Cards

reviews of Japanese credit cards
photo by MIKI Yoshihito, CC BY 2.0

There aren’t a huge amount of reviews of Japanese credit cards in English online. But I’ve been thinking very seriously about getting a Japanese credit card. Naturally, things like collecting points and avoiding having to do bank transfers were some of the motivators. The tipping point, though, was my decision to start using a supermarket delivery service. In Japan, most if not all supermarket delivery services require a credit card. In order to use this service, I decided I had to get a Japanese credit card.

Getting a credit card as a foreigner in Japan can be a challenge. In a previous article, I wrote about 12 easy-to-get Japanese credit cards. The “hard facts,” like reward programs and payment options, are important to consider when deciding on a credit card. Equally important is knowing the reputation of a card. I looked up reviews of Japanese credit cards and translated them into English here. These reviews of Japanese credit card were very helpful to me and hopefully can be of help to you. The reviews are about 6 of the 12 Japanese credit cards I gave the stats for in a previous article.

Reviews of Japanese Credit Cards

Seven Card

Seven Card Average Star Ratings (out of 5.00)

Osaifu: 4.2

Money Forward: 4.51

Kuchikomi Navi: 3.94

Kakaku: 5.00

Seven Card Reviews

…Payment is easy, and you can also earn points, which is convenient. After I applied, the card came in just a few days…

– Osaifu user

…Having to confirm employment to get the Seven Card is annoying. I’ve never had to do this with another card…

– Osaifu user

Inputting your info online is easy and went smoothly. However, I think applying at Itoyokado (department store) is probably faster… I also had someone call my place of employment to confirm.

– Osaifu user

You can get a lot of points from Seven-Eleven, Itoyokado, and Denny’s, so that’s a good deal… I think the approval process is a little difficult to pass, though.

– Kuchikomi Navi

JMB Lawson Ponta Card Visa

JMB Lawson Ponta Card Visa Average Star Ratings (out of 5.00)

Osaifu: 4.1

Money Forward: 3.5

Kakaku: 2.0

Crefan: 3.7

JMB Lawson Ponta Card Visa Reviews

If you’re shopping somewhere other than Lawson, you should use another card to earn the most points possible.

– Kuchiran user

When you earn points, you can use 1 point as 1 yen and can also exchange points for products, so it can be a great deal. It’s also great that there are lots of cooperating stores.

Kuchiran user

…When I called to ask a question, the help desk wasn’t very polite, but I really like the card…

– Osaifu user

If you have a Ponta card, I recommend exchanging it for the Ponta Credit Card… Just by going to the store, you get points!

– Osaifu user

Walmart Card Saison American Express Card

Walmart Card Saison American Express Card Average Star Ratings (out of 5.00)

Kakaku: 3.14

Crefan: 3.8

Walmart Card Saison American Express Card Reviews

…I sometimes go to Seiyu Group stores (owned by Walmart). Normally, you get 1% off of purchases there, and there are also 5% off days too, so it’s not a bad idea to have this card…

-Crefan user

…I only use this card at Seiyu Group stores (owned by Walmart), but if you have a Seiyu Group store nearby and go to it often, then you need this card.

-Crefan user

Except for being an American Express card that doesn’t have a yearly fee, there’s not much else special about this card…

-Kakaku user

Viaso Card

Viaso Card Average Star Rating (out of 5.00)

Osaifu: 4.0

Kakaku: 4.0

Crefan: 3.7

2chCredit: 4.2

Viaso Card Reviews

…I think this card is good for if you are net shopping and find an item that is low price with high points…

-Kakaku user

I needed a credit card, so I made a Viaso Card. The application was all online, so it didn’t take much effort. I was told there would be an approval process, but they didn’t call my work. The credit card was issued quickly, so I’m really thankful.

-Osaifu user

…I recommend this card because there is no yearly fee. Also, the points added up faster than I thought they would.

-Osaifu user

Recruit Card

Recruit Card Average Star Rating (out of 5.00)

2chCredit: 4.2

Recruit Card Reviews

The Recruit Card has the best return on points, so I was thinking of applying, but those points can only be used for Recruit services, so I decided not to apply.

Recruit Card Review

The Recuit Card is a really great deal for people who use Recruit sites (HotPepper, Jaran, Ponpare, etc.)!

2chCredit user

Aeon Card

Aeon Card Average Star Rating (out of 5.00)

Kakaku: 2.37

Crefan: 3.5

Aeon Card Reviews

If you have the chance to shop often at Aeon, having this card is a good deal… The points carry over every year, so that makes it even better.

Kuchiran user

It takes too much time for them to get back to you about your application. For me, it took over five weeks…

Aeon Credit Card Select review

I sent my application in the middle of January, but even though they didn’t contact me at all after that, the card itself came in the mail!?

Crefan review

I had been using Aeon Selected Card for only two months when I made a phone call to increase my credit limit. A 100,000 yen increase was granted! The call center is very professional (without being too business-like) and left me feeling good after having called them. Anyone who has this card should call to talk to them directly about anything.

Crefan review

I haven’t decided 100% on which Japanese credit card I’d like to get, but with these reviews of Japanese credit cards, I have a little bit more of an idea of what I want.

Which card are you thinking about getting?

If you have a Japanese credit card, what do you think of it?

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2 thoughts on “Reviews of Japanese Credit Cards

  1. Charles says:

    Do you know of any Japanese credit cards that have LDW (loss damage waiver) coverage on rental cars in Canada and the USA?

    So many credit cards in North America cover loss or damage to a rental car if you use their card to rent a car. I am hoping to find an equivalent Japanese card.

    1. L. says:

      Some Japanese credit cards do offer discounts on oversea car rentals.

      For some examples see the below cards:

      However, I wasn’t able to find any Japanese credit cards that give a discount on or offer LDW for free. It would be worth asking before applying, of course, if you find a card that looks attractive to you.


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