Pungency: Gogo No Kocha’s Strongest Milk Tea

The Pungency
The main reason I got this drink was because of the name.

Pungency? I had to look up the definition just to make sure my perception of the word was correct:


the quality or state of being pungent

  1. sharply painful
  2. having a stiff and sharp point <pungent leaves>
  3. marked by a sharp incisive quality : caustic <a pungent critic><pungent language> b: being sharp and to the point
  4. causing a sharp or irritating sensationespecially: acrid b: having an intense flavor or odor <a pungent chili>

Pungency is a milk tea under the Japanese brand Gogo no Kocha. They must have been going with the “intense flavor” definition. I still can’t help but feel this word has a negative connotation. Still, perhaps my evaluation of the word is mistaken.

Upon a little more searching, it does seem some tea websites use “pungency” in reference to tea. Now I’m feeling  a little embarrassed.

I adore the royal milk tea made by Gogo no Kocha, and I liked this tea even better. Both are basically just milk and sugar with a little tea added, but this one has a slightly stronger tea flavor.

Pungency is made with uva and darjeeling tea leaves. Also, the label says that Pungency has twice the tea leaves added. Awesome!

Originally published October 1, 2011 on my old blog.

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