Fauchon Chocola Tea Recipe

Chocola Tea
Fauchon Paris’s Chocola Tea

This was a while ago, but I spent the last spring equinox holiday wandering around my local supermarket trying to decide what to do with my life.

It’s a never-ending cycle. When I have work, I want to be home; when I have a holiday, I want to be at work (or do something).

Fortunately, this day, I had things to do, but I didn’t actually have the motivation to do those things. So, this day found me meandering the aisles of the grocery store.

The unlimited variety of limited-time-only flavors available in Japanese supermarkets has been unkind to my wallet. My existential pondering only made it easier to give in and when I came upon Fauchon’s Chocola Tea.

According to Asahi’s website, Fauchon Chocola Tea was released January 22, 2013. The official price seems to be 115 yen (a little over 1 USD right now), but I’m pretty sure I got it on sale.

I like chocolate; I like tea, so you may think that the Chocola Tea would be right up my alley.

On one hand, I applaud Fauchon for their chocolate tea idea. At the same time, the artificial sugar flavor of the Chocola Tea put me off a little. Thus, I decided to experiment with making my own version of Fauchon’s Chocola Tea.

See my attempt and the ingredients after the jump.

Fauchon Chocola Tea Recipe

Chocola Tea Ingredients
Chocola Tea Ingredients



Milk, 2% … 200 mL

Loose leaf uva tea … 2 teaspoons

Milk chocolate bar … 3 blocks (I used Morinaga)

Sugar … to taste



1. Heat the milk in the microwave for about two minutes (depends on microwave strength).

2. Place the tea leaves in your steeper and steep for about one minute or longer, depending on how strong you’d like your tea.

3. Add milk chocolate and sugar and stir VERY WELL.

Chocola Tea Finished
Fauchon Chocola Tea on the left.
Home-made chocolate tea on the right (should have stirred more!)

While not a masterpiece and definitely not a rival to the home-made Japanese milk tea, I rather enjoyed this chocolate tea.

Have you made or had chocolate tea before?

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