If You Catch COVID-19 in Japan (Resources in English)

Surgical masks, thermometer, and note that says "Stop COVID-19"

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The keyword for 2020 is “COVID-19,” also known as “novel coronavirus.” In Japanese, that would be “shingata corona-uirusu” (新型コロナウイルス).

With all this time on my hands from 自粛 (staying home), I want to start writing more for the blog. (Thank you for being patient!)

We still have a long battle ahead with the novel coronavirus, even in Japan. So, here are resources on what to do if you catch COVID-19 in Japan.

If you catch COVID-19 in Japan

What should you do if you’ve caught COVID-19 in Japan? The official answer can be found on the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare website.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare COVID-19 Information

As of November 7, 2020, the MHLW says that if you have COVID-19 symptoms, you should first call the COVID-19 consultation center at your nearest public health center.

The center will then make an appointment at a hospital that sees potential COVID-19 patients. And note that you should NOT visit any other clinics. (For details on the flow, visit the MHLW Japanese website.)

Finding COVID-19 Consultation Centers in Japan

There are a few ways to find COVID-19 consultation centers.

The first way is to check the MHLW page that lists COVID-19 consultation centers. Please note this page is only in Japanese.

MHLW COVID-19 Consultation Center List (in Japanese)

Another way is to search for your local COVID-19 consultation centers using a search engine. Many areas have contact information pages in English. Here are a few:

Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo COVID-19 Consultation Centers
Adachi-ku, Tokyo COVID-19 Consultation Centers and Q&A
Kanagawa Prefecture COVID-19 Consultation Center
Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture COVID-19 Consultation Centers
Kyoto City COVID-19 Consultation Center
Fukuoka Prefecture COVID-19 Consultation Center

Tokyo-Specific COVID-19 Resources

If you are in Tokyo, you can call the official Tokyo Coronavirus Support Center for Foreign Residents. They offer phone consultations in 14 languages.

TOCO Website (in Japanese)
TOCO Contact Information (in English)

You can also call the official Tokyo COVID-19 Call Center. They offer phone consultations in Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese.

Tokyo COVID-19 Call Center (in English) (contact info halfway down)


I hope this is useful if you think you may have caught COVID-19 in Japan!

Because the situation is always changing, this information could become outdated quickly. So double check the official government websites. And stay safe!

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