Tonari No Totoro Song as Sung by Birds

Fukuchan sings Totoro song
Fuku-chan, a star singer, attempts the My Neighbor Totoro song.

Did I ever tell you how much I love birds? Also, Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli films are pretty great. If you have a liking for either of them, you have to see these birds singing the Tonari no Totoro Song (from the movie called “My Neighbor Totoro” in English).

The Totoro Song as Sung by Birds


Poko-chan Singing My Neighbor Totoro

My friend sent me this video for my birthday (happy birthday to me!). A great birthday present, right? This is what got me started on looking for more videos of birds singing the My Neighbor Totoro theme song.

The first video is of a cockatiel singing the Tonari no Totoro song. The cockatiel, named Poko-chan, is accompanied by (presumably) his owner on piano. As the owner notes, this white faced cinnamon pearl cockatiel looks pretty pleased with himself for getting through the Totoro song.

Poko-chan and his friend Ritsu-chan also have a blog, so be certain to take a look because there are more cute pictures and videos there.

Fuku-chan Sings Totoro Acappella

This cockatiel, Fuku-chan, does not have the advantage of an accompanying pianist, but he does a very admirable job at singing the My Neighbor Totoro song. His owner encourages Fuku-chan to sing the song “mou ikkai” (one more time), and the cockatiel, somewhat shyly, obliges. Many commenters write comments saying how Fuku-chan singing the Totoro theme song has made them feel better, and, of course, is cute! I tend to agree on all counts.

You can see more of Fuku-chan’s videos at on this YouTube channel.

Cockatiel Sings Totoro Theme… Sort Of

Not all birds can be musical geniuses, but this cockatiel sure tries! Near the end, he breaks into a melody that sounds sort of, kind of like the Tonari no Totoro song. He gets points for trying!

Because I can’t decide, tell me which cockatiel you think was the cutest in the comments!

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