Azuchan, Mascot of Tokyo’s Azumabashi

Nowadays, almost every town has their own “yurukyara,” or mascot.

Tokyo is no exception. You might be familiar with Funabashi, Tokyo’s Funasshi.

Not getting lost on my way to the Sky Tree was only one of many great things that happened today.

On my way to the Sky Tree, I learned about a new mascot: Azuchan.


Azuchan is the “yurukyara” of Azumabashi, a neighborhood in Sumida, Tokyo near the Tokyo Sky Tree and Asakusa.

Azuchan and Skytree
I know, it’s hard to look at anything except the Skytree

If you ignore the Sky Tree in the background (almost impossible), you’ll notice I accidentally took a picture including a sign with her on it.

Azuchan Shutter
How did you get there?

And here you’ll see I accidentally took a picture of a vending machine. The part of the picture with the mascot’s shutter in it was intentional.

Azuchan Shop
I wish I had my own shop.

This mascot even has her own shop!

The mascot herself!

Eventually, I ran into Azuchan herself!

She was quite sweet, although her assistant seemed to be in a rush. Mascots have a packed schedule!

I wonder who is cuterFukkachan or Azuchan?

Azuchan Lights
Not Christmas, but these lights are nice

On my route home, light-up signs of this cute mascot lined the streets, making the journey home all the more pleasant.

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