Attack on Titan Head Freaks Out Tokyo Commuters

Wall and Giant; Attack on Titan Head and Body!
Photo by nSeika

Three days ago, I was riding on the Yamanote Line train to work, lost in thought. Staring out the window, wondering if the four clementines in my purse were past their expiration date (another story), I was awoken from my fruits reverie by a gigantic skinless head. The piercing eyes and exposed muscles made me completely forget the oranges, as I cowered away from the window.

The Attack on Titan Head

I knew that this huge head belonged to a character called Colossus Titan, picture above, from the wildly popular manga Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese). This knowledge did not comfort me. Furthermore, I haven’t seen the gigantic head since, so up until today, I thought that perhaps I had hallucinated the thing.

Official promotion video for the Attack on Titan anime

A quick peek on Twitter helped assuage my fears that I might be losing it.

Photos of the Attack on Titan Head

Several Japanese Twitter users posted photos of the Colossus Titan’s head, which can be seen here:

Close-up of Colossus Titan’s head (close-up)

Attack on Titan head from the train (extra creepy)

Two photos of the Attack on Titan head (scroll down a bit to see)

Attack on Titan head at night (people beside it for perspective)

JRA/Attack on Titan Collaboration

This giant head seems to be a collaboration between Attack on Titan and JRA (Japan Racing Association).

According to the official website, the Attack on Titan head will be displayed at WINS Shiodome (a JRA horse race betting establishment near Shimbashi Station) from December 6, 2013, to December 22, 2013. The final display day, December 22, 2013, is Arima Kinen, a Grade I horse race. The head is reportedly not very fond of rain, and Tokyo has been rainy for the past two days. That’s probably why I haven’t seen the head since.

Mixed Response to Attack on Titan Head

As impressive and creepy as the head is, the responses to the Attack on Titan head on the JRA’s Facebook page were mixed.

The following are translations some of the comments left on the announcement about the Attack on Titan head:

Of course fans of horse racing would oppose something like this. It has nothing to do with horses. The Attack on Titan head doesn’t fit the surroundings and probably cost a lot of money, so I’m sure you can understand our feelings.


I wish that this were at all the WINS (JRA betting arenas) in the country.


Gross. I don’t like this.


You could have at least had Eren (character from Attack on Titan) riding a horse or something…


Whoa! What’s this? It’s so scary! It looks like it’s going to move…


Attack on Titan is boring. Do something related to My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute (anime called “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai” in Japanese).


The disgrace that was taken prisoner, is the counter attack of beginnings. (Line from the ending theme song of Attack on Titan)


Although I’m not a fan of the Attack on Titan series, I do like strange characters like the Colossus Titan. Here’s hoping the rain will let up in time for me to take a look at the Attack on Titan head myself. Also, here’s hoping I don’t chicken out if I do get the chance to go.

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