Failing JLPT N1

"Fail" in big white letters on red background to commemorate me failing the JLPT N1

This post is about me failing the JLPT N1.

The online results for the December 2012 JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) came out just a few days ago, in late January 2013. My friend told me this right before we were about to head into the karaoke room.

Most people who hang out with me these days know that I’ve been really into karaoke these past few months. I’ve gone at least once a week since November. It would take a lot to make me want to skip karaoke to do something else.

Therefore, when I say I almost abandoned my poor friends to rush home and check my JLPT results, that means something.

I resisted that urge and enjoyed a lovely evening of karaoke, but the first thing I did when I got back was log on to the JLPT website.

Result: Fail

I was close. Seriously, THIS close. Only three more points, and I would have passed. That’s maybe one or two questions.

I contemplated crying in the dark while listening to some of The Cure CDs I brought from the US. But the feeling passed after about five minutes of reading some mindless clickbait.

Failing JLPT N1 = Good?

Actually, in a way, failing the JLPT N1 was a good thing. If I had passed, I would have less of a concrete incentive to study. The silver lining!

July 2013 will be my next chance to take the test.

Until then, I have to force myself to spend more time studying and less time at the grocery store. I go there literally everyday, looking for sales on cabbage (which incidentally goes very well with my beloved sesame dressing). It’s ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Failing JLPT N1

  1. Allyson says:

    I feel you. The year before I was actually over the total score I needed to pass the test but I failed one section and therefore failed the whole test. Just keep trying!

    1. L. says:

      I’m glad there’s somebody who feels my pain. Somehow it just seems unfair.

      I suppose there’s always next time! Well, next December. I checked online yesterday and missed the deadline for the July JLPT by a day. Go figure.

      Good luck to you in your studies!


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