Undeliverable Item Notice: Get Mail Redelivery with JP Post Website

Mailing Junk back to Junk Mailers; Undeliverable Item Notice in there?

Photo by Oran Viriyincy

So, you’ve gotten the “undeliverable item notice” from the JP Post and you’re wondering how to get that package into your hands, whether it be a care-package from mom, some imported tea, or whatever.

Look no further; here you will find a step-by-step guide on how to use the Japan Post website to get your item redelivered to your home or apartment. It is as easy as going online to the JP Post site and typing in a few lines.

I’ve included screenshots of the JP Post website and of the undeliverable item notice I received so that you can see how to fill in the forms.

A few notes before we start:

  • There is usually a phone number you can call (probably not free-dial) with a set-up in English to get your package redelivered. It will probably be written on your undeliverable item notice somewhere.
  • Take a look at the JP Post English description of the “undeliverable item notice” for some details that this post may miss.
  • Please keep in mind that undeliverable item notices may vary from area-to-area, so yours may not look exactly like mine.
  • You can only request same-day redelivery before 18:00 (6 pm). Also, items can’t be redelivered on holidays or Sundays.

Now, follow me as I attempt to get my wonderful package, which I’m assuming is full of American-style folders and Kraft Mac’n’Cheese, redelivered.

Undeliverable Item Notice: How to Get an Item Redelivered by the Japan Post

1. Open the Japan Post website


2. Scroll down and click on the saihaitatsu no omoushikikomi (redelivery application) button

The redelivery application button is circled in orange in the following screenshot.


Step 2

3. Fill in the online redelivery form

I’ve included a screenshot of the JP Post website and the undeliverable item notice. I’ve circled the information on the undeliverable item notice in colors that match up with colors that I circled the boxes on the JP Post website. For example, the information I circled in blue on the notice (Zip Code) should go in the box I circled in blue on the Japan Post website.

Zip Code (circled in blue): This is the zip code of your home or apartment. Don’t include the hyphen.

Item Number: This is your item number. The notice I got doesn’t seem to have this number, so yours may not either. If there is no “item number” on your notice, you can ignore this and just input the undeliverable item Notice Number.

Notice Number (circled in pink): This is the undeliverable item notice number. On my notice, I received this number, so I have circled it in pink on both the notice slip and the website. Don’t include the hyphen.

Date of Redelivery Notice (circled in purple): This is the date that the mail person put the notice slip in your mail box. The first number is the month, the second number is the date, and the third number is the time that the slip was inserted.

Mail, etc Type (circled in orange): This is the type of mail that the post office attempted to deliver. Click on the type of mail you received, as indicated on the notice. This step isn’t actually necessary, I believe, and sometimes the mail person doesn’t bother filling in this part. However, I’m sure it will help get your item returned more smoothly if you fill this in.

Direction: This is where or how you want your item to be delivered. In this case, we are requesting the item be delivered to your home, so check the bubble (circled in gray).

Last, click the gray button at the bottom (not included in the screenshot) to continue.

UndeliverableItemNotice Step 3a

Step 3a

UndeliverableItemNotice Step 3b

Step 3b

4. Select a time and date for redelivery

On the next page, you’ll see an option for times and dates for redelivery. On the column on the left, you can see the dates. The first number is the month (in this case, “3” or March) and the second number is the date.

Then, in the row across the top, you can see the times. The go across in this order: no designated time (any time is okay for your), morning (from 10 am to noon), 12 – 14 (noon to 2 pm),  14 – 17 (2 pm to 5 pm), 17 – 19 (5 pm to 7 pm), 19 – 21 (7 pm to 9 pm).

Click on the bubble designating the time and date that works best for you.

Then, click on the gray button at the bottom on the far right-hand side, not the gray button on the left (neither shown in the screenshot).

Undeliverable Item Notice Step 4

Step 4

5. Fill in your address

This part might be a little tricky, since you only have the option of choosing your prefecture name in Japanese.

However, if you fill in the first box (the zip code), your prefecture, city, and town should automatically be filled in. If this doesn’t happen, you can find the names in romaji and kanji on The Japan Guy’s website and through some matching find your prefecture.

I believe you can fill in the city, town, etc. names in romaji/English.

Filling in your area number, apartment name, and apartment number doesn’t seem to be necessary, but you should be able to fill it in in English, and this should make your redelivery go more smoothly.

Next, you can fill in your name. It is probably better to fill in your name how it appears on the redelivery slip — usually my name is written in English (correctly, hurray!) This is necessary.

Then, fill in your phone number. This is necessary. Some people may not have a phone number and may be hesitant to use their work phone number, but I’ve never actually had Japan Post call me (although another delivery company, Sagawa Post, has called me before).

Last, you can fill in your e-mail address. This part isn’t necessary. If you fill this in, they will send you an e-mail confirming that your request for redelivery went through.

Last, click the gray button on the far right to proceed.

Undeliverable Item Notice Step 5

Step 5

6. Check your information and click the confirmation button.

Last, the information that you input will come up on the screen. Once you are satisfied that everything has been filled in correctly, click the gray button on the far right to at the bottom of the screen to confirm. A completion screen will come up last.

Congratulations! Now all you have to do is wait for your package.

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