Takoyaki Party

My friends and I held a takoyaki party!

Takoyaki is a doughy ball with octopus inside. However, you can put pretty much anything inside that you want. For example, I had some tiny shrimp and some canned squid, so when we ran out of octopus, we used that. Also, last time, we used CHOCOLATE.

Be really careful when eating takoyaki, though, because chances are you’ll burn your tongue if you aren’t.

By the way, did you know that Japanese say you have a “cat’s tongue” (neko jita) if you can’t eat or drink hot things? I fall into that category, and I always have to wait a few minutes to drink my tea, which, for some reason, is always served to me scalding-hot in restaurants.

Speaking of which, it got really warm inside because of all the cooking — which is great, because outside, it’s so cold!

Takoyaki Party

Making takoyaki

It was some of the party members’ first time making takoyaki, so that was exciting.


Someone brought strawberries!

Somebody brought strawberries! Strawberries, along with mangoes (hint hint, birthday next year), are one of my favorite fruits, so I am forever grateful.

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