Shinagawa Plum Blossoms, 2013

Hi there.

Since moving to the middle of Tokyo, I have so much I want to write, but not quite enough energy to write it.

So, for now, more pictures!

Shinagawa Plum Blossoms

These are the plum blossom trees along the canal near Shinagawa Station.

Many people adore cherry blossoms (called sakura in Japanese), but I’m more a fan of the plum blossoms (plums are called ume in Japanese). Sometimes I have trouble telling cherry blossoms and plum blossoms apart, but plum blossoms tend to be fuller and more vibrant pinks and reds. Most of them have already stopped blooming, but they were very lovely about a week ago.

Shinagawa Plum Blossoms

Shinagawa Blossoms

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