Beverly Hills Burger, from Japan McDonald’s Big America Series

Mcdonalds Beverly Hills burger

Photo by くーさん


The much-anticipated Beverly Hills Burger, which is the newest burger in the Japan McDonald’s Big America Series, was released yesterday, March 7, 2012 (Wednesday). The Beverly Hills Burger is the last of four burgers announced so far in the Big America Series. Still, it would not be surprising if more Big America burgers were announced in the future.

For more information about the burger, we turn to the official McDonald’s website:

Beverly Hills Burger

The Beverly Hills Burger is an enjoyable combination of avocado and flavorful Caesar dressing.  The concept started with California, which is the home of both Beverly Hills and the Caesar salad.  The Beverly Hills Burger is characterized by juicy beef and the fresh deliciousness of lettuce and onion.  This dish embodies the image of the exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood where celebrities live through its avocado sauce, which has never been used before by McDonald’s, and a rich Caesar salad dressing.  (Translation by me)

Now, I’m not one to try to encourage others to eat at McDonald’s when traveling, but this time might be an exception, especially what with that avocado sauce.  The Beverly Hills Burger is available only in Japan, and for a limited time only.

Check out this video of a guy trying the Beverly Hills Burger on YouTube.

Have you tried the Beverly Hills Burger?  Let us know how it was in the comments!

Title photo from McDonald’s Official Website

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