About Wander Tokyo

About Wander Tokyo

Thank you for visiting Wander Tokyo, a travel, life, and culture site about Japan.

In the articles on the Wander Tokyo website, you can find advice, recommendations and information about travel, life, work, study, and culture in Japan, particularly Tokyo, not readily available in English.

Feel free to write me with any questions or comments at:

admin (at) wandertokyo (dot) com


Many of the images on this website were taken and processed by me. I retain all copyright for these images, so please e-mail me for permission to use any of the images: admin (at) wandertokyo (dot) com

The banner image and logo on the Facebook site is created by me. The map of Japan is modified from a public domain image on Wikimedia commons. Feel free to use the logo or banner when linking to Wander Tokyo.

Many other of the images are Creative Commons-licensed content from Flickr. I always credit the photographer/designer under the image and provide a link embedded in the image. Please support the artist by clicking on their photo to see their Flickr account or webpage.

If any of the images are yours and you would like the name credited to be changed (currently, I credit using the Flickr username) or if you would like the image to be taken down, please e-mail me at: admin (at) wandertokyo (dot) com

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